Welcome Future Happy Achievers!

I imagine you are a self-identified perfectionist, overachiever or do-gooder who’s landed here because you are ready to change things up–for the better. I’m so glad you’ve arrived.

I’m Tara Cousineau. I am a Harvard Medical School trained clinical psychologist, former researcher, and recovering perfectionist.

What if I told you that you don’t have to give up striving for excellence when you drop perfectionism? You might say “But my perfectionism keeps me sharp, on my toes, ahead of the game!” I get it.  But it’s not so. Perfectionism is a habit of mind that arises out of a genuine human need to feel accepted and respected, avoid abandonment, do the right thing, be a good person, and succeed. 

But at some point, it becomes an energetic pattern that is no longer useful. It feeds into a core belief that is hard to shake: the belief that you must keep pleasing, perfecting, performing, and producing in order to feel worthy, be successful, and achieve your goals. Over time the negative effects accrue. A pervasive self-doubt manifests through inner critical narratives that drive behaviors like workaholism, procrastination, avoidance, numbing, and burnout. 

Perfectionism is both tricky and sticky because being success-oriented is reinforced by family, friends, and society. It’s rewarding. It’s no wonder that striving to be the best feels like it can protect you or ensure your place in the social tribe. But that’s a false narrative. Eventually you find yourself stuck, exhausted, or excluded from what you really desire. A sure recipe for dis-ease and unhappiness.

Good news … perfectionism doesn’t need to hold you back. Find out why.

KindMinds.co is my hub for high achievers like you with a mission to help you overcome the negative effects of perfectionism, stress and self sabotage, so you can be successful and happy. I’m committed to helping individuals, professionals and organizations grow kind minds. You already have all the gifts inside you right now to lead a happy and fulfilling life. 

Together, we work from the inside out to create more space and cultivate new habits, narratives, and cultures that serve your highest self and that of others—rather than stay stuck in negative self-talk, social comparison, compulsive striving, and unrealistic or misaligned standards for success.

My Method

My approach to healing the negative effects of perfectionism draws from neuroscience, positive psychology, mind/body and energy medicine, mindful self-compassion, as well as personal and professional experience from over two decades of working with high achievers, changemakers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. 

The EVOLVE Method is a stepwise approach to help success-oriented people find the sweet spot to being a happy achiever, a balance between ease and effort.  

I also teach and write about mindfulness and self-compassion, two beacons that light my way. You can find my audio meditations and courses on Insight Timer, with over 11K listeners and students. You can learn more about me here: www.taracousineau.com. I’m  also the author of: The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart and Your World (2018). It’s a good primer on living life with more ease and kindness. Let love lead. New Book! Coming in January, The Perfectionist’s Dilemma: Learn the Art of Self-Compassion and Become a Happy Achiever (Alcove Press, 2025).

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