My speaking can be tailored to accommodate your goals.  My talks and webinars offer a rich blend of expertise in leadership, positive psychology, and mindfulness and compassion. Download the Speaker Sheet (PDF). Fill in the form below or email us to find out more: info@kindminds.co


Cultivating self-compassion and and mindfulness builds resilience. When we feel hurried and overwhelmed in life, it is essential to practice self-care — or as we like to say soul care.  This workshop draws on evidence-based skills shown to promote wellbeing and reduce stress. The things that hold us back in life are highly connected to the stories we tell ourselves, including the voice of an inner critic. The mind and body activities present will ignite a wellspring of positivity that you can practice in daily life.  After all, caring for yourself with tenderness and understanding as if you would to a loved one is the path to healing and joy.


We spend the majority of time in our work life or careers and pay little attention to the care that is needed for creating a cultures of care. Over 80% of people are unhappy at work largely due to systemic management practices that fail to recognize or implement values of generosity, caring and connection. The KindWork programs are inspired by innovative and science-based approaches to cultivating compassion and mindful leadership skills that are shown to promote sustainable changes on individual and organizational levels. This includes cultivating emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills for positive engagement, constructive communication, and skillful means for mindful stress management at all levels of an organization.


Our experiences in relationships throughout life influence how we see the world and how we see ourselves. We all have a deep human need for love and belonging. While we may love the people we care for — our partners children, siblings, parents — relationships can also be the most challenging arenas in life. This series includes custom workshops that address: teens, parenting, and couplehood. By learning and practicing beneficial habits such as mindfulness, self-kindness, compassion for others, mindfulness, healthy boundaries and communication skills, you will cultivate greater contentment, ease, love, grace, and gratitude.

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