In Kind Minds Episode No. 2 we’re going to unpack what kindfulness actually means and continue with cultivating more Presence in our lives. Presence is one of the 6 ingredients we’ll be covering over this series that will help to break a spell of stress and overwhelm.

Kindfulness is simply one of my favorite words and today I’ll explain what it means.  We’ll start with mindfulness and end with kindness, which will bring us to the practice of kindfulness. Kindfulness is being aware of the present moment with heart.

Here’s how you can get curious. Ask yourself:

  • What happens when I follow my breath in and out?
  • What feelings and bodily sensations do I notice right now?
  • What thoughts are streaming through my mind?
  • Can I notice the moments in my day, the pleasant and unpleasant, without judgment? 

Today’s Skill

Listen to the Episode 2 for a mini meditation. It will take just a minute or two of Easing into the Present Moment.

  • Begin by finding a comfortable seat, standing quietly, or lying down. With a sense of grace and strength, start to feel the support of the earth or floor under you.
  • Bring kindful attention to your breath, using it as an anchor, or bring your attention to your feet or your body as you inhale and exhale.
  • Begin to notice a sense of support and ease. You may voice an intention such as “My heart is open to the whole of my experience.”
  • Then start to open to your field of awareness, noticing your sensations, feelings, and thoughts, how they flow before you and through you.
  • Like a passenger on a train, begin to notice the expanse around you, swaths of experience: colors, textures, sounds, sensations, words, images.
  • As you do this, you may encounter fluctuations or waves of sensation. It may be quiet, still, or busy, flowing back and forth from stillness to commotion. Whatever you notice, it is just fine.
  • If you notice pleasant sensations, feelings, or memories, simply acknowledge them. If you notice unpleasant feelings, sensations, or memories, acknowledge them too. Experience these moments with tender and kind attention.
  • Whatever arises remains anchored by your breath, or your feet, or the ground beneath you. Stay centered in the vastness of the experience.
  • Notice how kindfulness allows you to receive, without judgment, and to be gently present to the whole of your life right now.
  • When you are ready, turn your awareness back to your surroundings, feeling that deep in your center, all is well.

Today’s Affirmation

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