Don’t dismiss the platitudes. Kind acts are indeed infectious. They spread goodwill like a happy virus. What can you spark today? Episode 7 gives some ideas on how to get started.

Before the pandemic many people were unhappy at work.  The Global Happiness Policy Report of  2018, noted that the majority of people around the world were miserable at their jobs even if they said they’re happy to have one.  Given the big economic shake up due to the pandemic,  I peeked at the most recent Global Happiness Report of  2021. It’s’ no surprise that mental health plays a big role.

In this episode I share a workplace study conduct at Coco Cola in Spain. Why does this matter?  The most common contributors to low job satisfaction and causes for absenteeism include but aren’t limited to: bullying and harassment, burnout, stress and low morale, stress of childcare and eldercare, depression, disengagement, illness, and not surprisingly, looking for another job. 

The researchers randomly assigned over 100 employees into three different groups and the employees weren’t aware of their assignment to the groups or the true purpose of the study.  I love sneaky studies!

The employees were selected to be either Givers, Receivers, or be in a Control group of people who don’t do anything. Guess what happened?  You’ll have to listen along.

Today’s Skill

What if you did some simple, ordinary act of kindness today?

  • Bringing someone a beverage
  • Cheering up a coworker who seems to having a bad day
  • Speaking up on the behalf of another
  • Emailing a thank you note

Truth be told, kindness is a good prescription for a life well-lived.  Kind actions and a compassionate attitude bodes well for both physical and mental health.  We might try to be kinder than we think we are — in the space we now navigate with more carefulness. 

A little intention can go a long way. Why don’t you give it a try and see what happens?

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